Montessori Academy
Victoria Park Montessori Academy is proud to deliver an innovative Montessori education program for children aged six weeks to six years. Our core focus is on teaching our students the foundational knowledge and skills that will empower them to succeed at school and in later life. Victoria Park’s core curriculum covers practical life skills, sensorial education, mathematics, literacy, culture, geography, science, art, and preparation for school. Most unique about our campus, is our scientifically based approach to learning that is focused on the complete development of the child. We believe that every child is a natural born scientist, and that the world is their laboratory. Through hands-on learning experience using specifically designed Montessori learning materials, we inspire our students to activate their own “inner teacher” so that they actively participate and embrace education as a foundation for life. Location: Level 5, Access via Ground Floor to the left of Taste Growers Market.
Montessori Academy Trading Hours
Monday - Friday
7:30am - 6:00pm
Saturday & Sunday